The Friday Night Jam etiquette and conceptual philosophy.
Written in response to a challenge to how we run the jam.
First we work off of the general jam concept that we are all here to have fun playing music but under a general set of guidelines;

A. Everyone who wants to play and can gets a turn to perform every round
B. Everyone who wants to play a song must provide a song sheet for anyone who needs or wants one.
( We will no longer accept the excuse that " years ago I handed out a sheet " )Do Your own homework.
There are obviously many very simple songs were it is not needed, common sense works here.
C. Anybody who wants to and can play a solo should be allowed to, in every song, the person leading the song should look around the room , see who's there and play an appropriate song for the solo players there. However in set 1. solo players must actually be able to play one.
D. We are all equal at the jam ,great players , new comers, old timers no one is better than anyone else.

E. All players will follow the general style and volume parameters of the jam host. The jam host makes sure that within the evening everyone is accommodated.

F. If there are problems or technical things to fix Jam members will not be rude ,loud or use the problem to cause dessent . In Fact trouble makers should not come. The people that host the jam spend tons of time and money to prepare the jam each week and they deserve to have fun as well .

The Friday Night Jam works under several premises;
1. We are here to make good music and continue to grow and become better as musicians and people
2. Great singing groups need great solo players and great solo players need great singing groups to play solos for, Thus we strive to do more and better songs all the time and to improve our overall sound so we attract great players. Never more true than when one our great players retires or relocates.
3. Typically, our First Set is a "show set", High energy songs , lots of solos and voices and above all, songs that the main singer can actually do. There are other sets for new songs and whatever.
4. Any problems or disagreements with the jam host should be discussed after the jam.
5. My hopes and expectations;

Every week I expect happy, no problem jam members with good new material to come in , help out with some of the work, bring some type of shareable treat , contribute to the cost fund, be cooperative with the host and generally be a pleasure to have around. I think sharing makes people happy.