Vik and Suzie's Yellowstone Project

The Yellowstone Project is a 20-year Video Documentary of Yellowstone National Park.  It is a complete drive through of the Park with stops along the way featuring wild animals or beautiful scenery.  Everything on the video is where it happened  and as you see it.  Almost all of the footage of the thousands of animals and scenery in the video were taken by students from Nightingale School in Chicago.  The video is complete and we are now adding the needed 14.5 hours of music.
Note: All of our footage and music is available, free of charge to students to use for research, projects, etc.

Here is what we have so far:
  Part One Cody To Fishing Bridge To Canyon.

 Good News!  We finished part Two of the DVD (3-20-08): Canyon to Mammoth.  It is a 2-hour drive with all original Friday Night Jam Musico recorded over the last last 2 months. 

We added Gardener to Mamoth Plus The Lamar Valley 7-1-08

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